Key Tips To Protect Yourself Online

Key Tips To Protect Yourself Online

Every time you open your browser, you’re putting yourself at risk. The internet is packed with people and programs that want to take advantage of you. Fortunately, there are some simple procedures you can follow to eliminate 99% of the risk.

Choose A Strong Password

Your password is your first line of defense and protects all your online accounts. If it’s compromised, you could find yourself in deep water.

Never choose a password that’s too simple, such as your name or birthday. The best passwords have 8+ digits and include a mix of both lower and uppercase letters, as well as numbers and special characters. The more random, the better.

Key Tips To Protect Yourself Online

You should also use a variety of different passwords rather than just one. If you use the same password for every site, and it gets compromised, then all your online accounts will be at risk (including your internet banking).

Be Wary Of Suspicious Emails

Any emails that offer you monetary winnings, or a way to get cash for nothing, are scams. You should also be wary of phishing emails. These may pertain to be from a reputable company (such as PayPal) and require that you log into your account to resolve some issue. Often these emails will include a link to a dummy site, which simply looks like an official site. Once you enter your login credentials, they will be stolen and used to access your real accounts.

Watch Out For Malware

There are a host of viruses and other malicious programs infesting the web, such as the Megabackup virus. Even programs that appear legitimate may be dodgy and spam users with requests for upgrades or to pay money in some form or the other.

It always pays to have up-to-date antivirus and firewall software. You should also be wary when downloading executable files. Always make sure the site that you’re downloading from seems legitimate.

Stay Safe When Searching For Love

Online dating has broken down barriers around the globe and made it much easier to meet potential partners. However, dating sites don’t just have people looking for love. Many are also looking for money. In fact, internet dating scammers are very common.

Scammers may create a fake profile with fake pictures. They may try and pass themselves off as a genuine, caring, and attractive person and initially attempt to build rapport with other site users. Once this is achieved, they may explain that they have fallen on hard times, a family member is sick, or give some other reasons for requiring money. These reasons are generally made up and designed entirely to fool others.

It’s recommended that you NEVER send money to someone that you’ve never meet.

Final Thoughts

Stay safe out there. You don’t want to have a financial account compromised by a hacker. If you’re looking for love, then you don’t want to be fooled by a scammer. Of course, it’s impossible to stay completely safe. However, their tips will give you an extra security boost.