Is Guest Blogging The New Paid Link?

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging


The Rise of Creative Blogging

Yesterday’s blogs were more of an opinion based platform when they first became popular but they have grown to become more like an online news program or entertainment related pod cast  Blogging is no there just for venting or sharing thoughts, it turned into a form of amusement and interest in a particular subject, and now guest blogging is quickly becoming the new paid link.

Guest blogging can be an extremely powerful tool, making you stand out as an expert in your particular niche, making you more relevant on the search engines, and building a stellar reputation; a big plus when it comes to turning prospects into clients, and retaining current clients.

So Why is Guest Blogging Becoming So Popular?

Because it is effective! As more and more guest writers get picked up by blogs, they grab more attention and in doing so bring more traffic to the site they’re blogging on. This has caused more writers to start writing guest content. Due to the abundance of low quality content being posted, there continues to be a high demand for writers who submit high quality content that is search engine friendly without going overboard.

Here is where the viral action starts; once a guest blog post is pickup up, finds followers, and starts to pick up comments, reviews for the writer will popping up online as well. Popular writers will eventually be picked up by other sites, many that will be willing to pay for the writer’s content. This allows for a range of prices to be set on the market as well so that anyone running a blog, and making an income will be able to pay for guest content.

When Does Guest Blogging Become a Problem?

Lame content is one of the biggest problems when it comes to guest blogging and until Google’s Panda and Penguin changes came about there were loads of it on the web, and sadly on page 1 which didn’t seem fair to a lot of us online marketers who put in real effort to reach that level on the search engines. Well today we’re back to square one and successful guest blogging in general comes down to high quality, compelling content that website owners will want to publish, and that the search engines and algorithms will appreciate. Sounds easy right? Well it takes a lot more effort than you would think, it’s actually anything but easy, but it’s an effort that will pay off.

Another problem is that many blog owners don’t want to pay for guest writers; their ego demands that they get paid instead. They think that exposure from their website is worth a guest bloggers dime but the fact is, rarely are blogs large or popular enough to entice a writer into wanting to pay to get featured there; sadly this means that only the largest, most popular blogs will get solid guest bloggers. It’s these solid, excellent guest bloggers that reap the rewards of paid or unpaid back linking.

Guest Blogging Helps With Link Building

Guest blogging is a hot topic within the search engine optimization industry, as is quality, search engine friendly writing that can also provide a fresh new style to any sort of blog. These guest bloggers will allow you to build up links within your content, without causes problems with the major search engine rankings. This means you can write for other blogs, and leave links to your site on each post, and vice versa, encouraging writers to link to their sites on your blog as well.

Guest Blogging Must Be Genuine

As guest blogging grows in popularity, there are those on the web who are starting to fake their guest blogging efforts, via their own efforts or using programs that do nothing but back link to websites or blogs; a big waste of time. Today search engines are able to pick up on fake back linking, and they can actually check out content as well, looking for over padded keywords and program generated linking.

If the guest blogger content and back links are real, you’ll be able to reap all the benefits of guest blogging without any worries. If the content back links are inferior it can come back and bite you if you’re discovered, and it will hurt your reputation, and ruin your search engine rankings as well.

Guest Blogging is Here To Stay

Guest blogging certainly isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon, and it’s a highly effective, new way to build links, generate traffic, and garner new content as well. Guest blogging is much better than simply paying for back links as it will appear natural, and appeal to the reader. Whether you are writing as a guest blogger or using them on your site, link building and content by guest writers is a trend that isn’t going anywhere.

Google caused quite a stir over the past couple of years; forcing would be search engine expert to clean up their acts. Google has forced online marketer’s to get back to the basics, putting out quality over quantity when it comes to content and keywords, as well as guest blogging; the new paid link.

Guest Post  by Miranda Claiborne. She is a SEO Specialist and a freelance writer. She have rendered her SEO skills to various clients of different niches, helping them improve their website and content.