Google Welcomes AdSense For Search With Open Arms


Google Bids Adieu To AdSense For Feeds


Google’s AdSense came as a boon to many webmasters and bloggers. They are the people Google allows into their program and helping them make a profit out of it. Here is a quick look at how AdSense for search came to the rescue after the death of AdSense for feeds.


  • Google introduced the AdSense program that uses the efficiency of the Internet search technology in order to serve web content based advertisements, which also depends upon the geographical location of the user.
  • Bloggers are allowed to enroll into this advertisement system via Google AdWords.
  • Then Google tries to match up the information with advertisements and displays via the web pages.
  • This act is done with a hope that the concerning audience will see it and they can access the site of the advertiser, thus eventually investing in their services or products.

Controversy surrounding the Adsense Searches

  • The strategy looks straight forward as it is a win-win situation.
  • But the program has met with several controversies.
  • Some say presence of AdSense adds a cheap look to their site, thereby resulting in lessening of traffic in their blog, and many just don’t make any money out of it.
  • Now your blog maybe aims at selling your own products and services, but in the starting it wouldn’t get you immediate results.
  • It makes sense to use AdSense till that happens.
  • AdSense could very well supplement your income till your site starts making some good scores.
  • Another problem is that, people fail to make good money out of AdSense, as their sites don’t fetch enough traffic.
  • On an average it takes nearly 2-3 years for a site to reap real, good money.
  • Fall back on temporary resources or try to supplement your site with other means of earning returns.
  • Now, there are ways which will help your site not look cheap: secret placement strategy.

The death of AdSense for feeds

  • There was a time when AdSense could be integrated with feeds, Atom and RSS. In this case, advertisers could place their ads in appropriate feed articles and the bloggers earn for the original content. In this way, readers can view advertisements relevant to them, hence, make available quality feeds.
  • The feeds could be linked to the relevant content using FeedBurner.
  • AdSense for Feeds operates by integrating images to a feed. As the image gets displayed by a browser or RSS reader, Google incorporates the content for advertising into the image which it returns.
  • After its death in December 2012, FeedBurner continued functioning. Hence, there is no need for any redirecting to different URLs.

AdSense for Search

  • It is not a whole new concept. But for WordPress users this is certainly a new feature which can be added to the blog.
  • Users may find it difficult to search old posts in their blogs, as their blog grows. AdSense for search comes to the rescue.

What is it about?

This program allows bloggers or publishers to integrate the boxes of Google Custom Search into their websites. When some user makes an attempt to search the website or the Internet using the search engine, 51% of the revenue made from these searches is shared with the blogger by Google. Only when the advertisements are clicked will be the publisher be paid. AdSense for search does not just pay the publishers for normal searches.

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