7 Steps To Trade Show Heaven

7 Steps To Trade Show Heaven

Once you make the decision to exhibit at a trade fair, there is a lot to get organized. As with any business event, planning is the key to everything. But if you want success from your trade show appearance, there is a lot more to do than just plan your elevator pitch and hire a stand. In today’s guide, we’re going to go through several things you must do in advance of your exhibition. Follow these tips and you will have a chance of success.

7 Steps To Trade Show Heavensource

Make appointments

Book appointments well in advance of the trade show. Use every lead you have to find out if they are attending the event and ensure that you will make enough to cover your expense. You can also find leads on Twitter, Linkedin, and even Facebook. Show your face on social media during the build up and you should get some interest – but avoid being too pushy or spammy.

Meet everyone

Take some time to go around all the other stalls and meet every business, even if they are rivals. Be nice, and you might just snag some extra leads – or even find a partnership opportunity.

7 Steps To Trade Show Heavensource

Apply to speak

You will guarantee a flood of footfall to your stand if you can snag a speaking spot at a trade event. Don’t think you will get turned down, either. Trade show organizers love hearing from people who are prepared to impart some great advice and stories, and it’s worth a shot. Plus, once you take the plunge, your name gets in the system, and you might get a call up if there’s a no-show. One final piece of advice on this – don’t speak about your product. Talk about your industry, and you will avoid people feeling they are sitting through a sales pitch.

Look the part

Looks do matter – so dress well and present yourself in the correct manner. Make sure your team members follow suit. It is vital that you are always on point when in public view.

Be able to collect payments

Most people view trade shows as a great way of getting warmer leads. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t try and make sales. Make sure you bring something like a Paypal credit card reader, so you are ready to accept orders right there and then. Also schedule your time for the next few weeks so that you can fulfill those orders as soon as possible. Trade shows are a fantastic opportunity to show what you can do – don’t mess it up.

7 Steps To Trade Show Heavensource

Bring your talkers

It should go without saying but only bring your most capable speakers. Trade shows are not the environment for shrinking violets. There may be support roles available for quieter members of the team, but always have your best sellers up front and working the room.

Make your own event

Finally, run through some ideas for creating an event within the trade show. You might design a unique, one-off app for people to use while they are there, for example. Or you could research other attendees before the trade show and hand out prizes for being the best in class. It doesn’t matter how small a company you are – it works. People will notice, and that means more business will come your way.